May 23

It became apparent to me the other day how easy it is to loose pets and the impact that it can have on the owners. A relative lives on an old farm that is no longer worked by them, but the surrounding fields are rented to other farmers. They have a couple of dogs that have grown up being allowed to roam around the immediate farm near the house and have done so safely for many years. It was when the new neighbours, I say neighbours they live about a mile away, started to walk through the farm on their daily walking of their dog that my relatives dogs kept going missing at certain times of the day. Due to increasing concern at what was happening she decided to carefully watch the dog. It became apparent that the dog each day decided to join the neighbour on a walk,  it would appear prompted by dog biscuits that were meant for the other dog. The case of the missing dog was closed and after a quick word with the neighbour the disappearances ceased. It made me think how a lost cat or dog can cause distress and many owners may not be as lucky to find out the reasons why their beloved pet goes missing. Luckily many found cats and dogs are reunited with their owners each year but sadly many will not be.

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